Drug Detox in Parma, OH

If you are addicted to an illicit drug, prescription drug, or alcohol, drug detox in Parma is the first step on your personal road to recovery. There is no taming the beast of addiction; a person can only overcome this animal by starving it of drugs or alcohol, and a drug detox treatment facility can help you do just that.

Substance addiction is a serious disease that won't go away without help from a drug detox center. Although sufferers may tell themselves that they have their drug or alcohol use under control, the fact is that addiction is far too complex for a sufferer to manage without going through the drug detox process and spending time in therapy, learning how to abstain. There is no cure for substance addiction except abstinence.

The Drug Detox Process Explained

Drug detox or alcohol detox depending on the substance in question is the process by which a person is weaned from an addictive substance. By starving the body of this substance, drug detox for addiction breaks the body's dependency on it. Yes, there will be withdrawal symptoms during this process, but these symptoms can be greatly managed by your drug detox treatment center.

Addiction specialists can administer drugs or other therapies that reduce the unpleasantness of withdrawal symptoms so that the recovering individual can feel as comfortable as possible during the entire process. With drug detox in Parma, addiction sufferers can relax knowing that their health is in the hands of experts.

What Withdrawal Symptoms Will I Experience During Drug Detox Treatment?

Although each individual is different and each drug is associated with its own specific symptoms, most people experience a certain range of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may be mild or severe. Usually, there is a point during the weaning process where withdrawal peaks; it's at this point that medical interventions are so helpful because they can greatly reduce the discomfort associated with withdrawal. The patient is at the highest risk of returning to drug abuse at this point. Relapse prevention in Parma also deals with staying clean after detox has occurred.

The most common withdrawal symptoms that addiction sufferers experience include cravings for the addictive substance, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, headache, chills, depression, and anxiety. Serious symptoms like suicidal thoughts, seizures, and heart irregularities can also occur. Our drug detox treatment center will monitor your health and provide treatment programs in Parma to improve the patient's health.

What Happens during the Drug Detox Process?

Before individuals begin drug detox in Parma, their health will be evaluated so that a course of customized treatment can be prescribed. It's important to answer all questions honestly because all questions are aimed with the goal of providing you with the exceptional care you need. A drug detox facility is not a place of judgment; addiction specialists realize that addiction is a disease and sufferers are in need of help. When staff members ask you to explain the drugs you've abused and how you've used them, it's merely to get a complete picture of your addiction so that specialists can help you manage it effectively.

While undergoing drug detox in Parma, addiction sufferers will be monitored for as long as it takes for their body to become "clean" or no longer dependent on the addictive substance in question. The process typically takes 3 days to a week, but in some cases, it may take a couple weeks.

Monitoring each person undergoing detox is important because health complications can arise. With treatment for withdrawal symptoms, these complications are less likely to arise, but if they do occur, drug and alcohol detox centers are equipped to handle them immediately and expertly. This is why addiction sufferers should never attempt to quit cold turkey. Detox is a medical process that demands medical care available at drug detox centers.

Why Should I Seek Drug Detox Treatment?

Drug detox programs are designed for people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. If you are unable to stop using drugs or alcohol or if you experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop using for a while or are unable to obtain the substance in question within a certain time frame, you should get evaluated at a drug detox treatment facility.

Just because you may be functioning in many aspects of your life doesn't mean you have your addiction under control. Addiction is chaotic and there is always a risk of overdose. Moreover, as a chronic disease, addiction is invariably progressive. Why wait until it profoundly impacts your mental or physical health?

Our dual diagnosis in Parma can catch a mental disorder which coexists with your addiction. Before this disease worsens, you should undergo the alcohol or drug detox process.

If you or a loved one is suffering with substance addiction, remember that drug detox programs can help you along the path to recovery and a life of sobriety. Call us today at (216) 416-7054 for more information about our addiction treatment programs in Parma.

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