Methamphetamine Addiction in Parma, OH

Methamphetamine, also referred to as meth or crystal meth, is one of the most dangerous illicit drugs. According to an estimate by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, as many as 24 million people worldwide are affected by this highly addictive drug. Methamphetamine addiction in Parma is a significant problem that affects individual sufferers as well as the community at large.

If you or your loved one is suffering from an addiction to meth, it's vital to check into our methamphetamine addiction rehab facility to safeguard health and to ultimately manage the destructive disease of substance addiction.

Meth Addiction Explained

Methamphetamine is a Class II illicit drug and known for its powerfully addictive properties. The meth high is one of extreme euphoria, but this euphoria is very short lived. In order to continue or regain the high, meth abusers will use more of the drug. In a short time, this pattern of behavior leads to addiction.

A meth addiction is characterized by intense cravings, compulsive drug seeking, increased periods of wakefulness, reduced appetite, skin picking, tooth decay, and hair loss. In spite of these unpleasant effects, meth addicts will continue to take this drug. Methamphetamine addiction in Parma can be treated by seeking help at a methamphetamine addiction rehab. The methamphetamine addiction recovery process like all drugs begins with the process of drug detox in Parma, and tends to be longer than most, but disease management can be obtained with advanced addiction treatment.

How Do People Use Meth?

People choose to take methamphetamine for various reasons. Some people want to experience the increased attention the drug is known to produce. Others want to experience its intense high. Regardless of what tempts people to using this dangerous stimulant, only a few uses are required before users begin to develop a tolerance to their initial dosing and begin the short walk down the path to meth addiction.

Methamphetamine is taken by snorting, smoking, injecting, or taking orally. Injecting and smoking are associated with more intense highs, but all meth highs are short lived. People suffering from a meth addiction will compulsively seek out this drug to maintain their high or if they begin to suffer withdrawal symptoms. These cravings are so intense that addiction treatment programs in Parma are definitely required.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Meth Addiction?

First, someone who experiences withdrawal because they haven't used the drug in a certain period of time has developed an addiction to it. If you are suffering with meth addiction in Parma, you might also show signs and symptoms like dilated pupils, display increased activity, seem to require little if any sleep for days, display paranoia, and behave erratically.

If you believe your loved one is abusing or has become addicted to meth, it's important to convince them to seek help at methamphetamine addiction rehab facility. Without treatment, an addiction is unlikely to improve on its own.

Know the Dangers of Meth

As a profoundly dangerous drug, meth can take a terrible toll on a user's mental and physical health. Methamphetamine addiction in Parma is associated with overdose as well as other adverse health effects such as increased heartbeat, hyperthermia, depression, anxiety, reduced cognitive function, weight loss, and severe dental problems. Taking too much meth either at once or chronically can trigger heart attack or other problems like stroke, kidney failure, or difficulty breathing.

Aside from the way meth affects the body, it can also significantly affect a user's behavior. Meth addiction sufferers are prone to violent outbursts and psychotic episodes. Many people engage in risky behaviors like sharing needles, having unprotected sex, or stealing in order to procure the drug or to obtain money to buy the drug. At a meth addiction rehab center, addiction sufferers will get the help they need to safeguard their health and put a stop to meth's destructive impact on their life.

Methamphetamine addiction in Parma requires comprehensive addiction treatment. It's important to note that even with high-quality addiction treatment at a methamphetamine addiction rehab center, there is still a 93% chance that the sufferer will experience relapse. This is owing to how addictive this drug is and how intense its cravings are for sufferers. Yet meth addiction is not a hopeless case.

With continued treatment and disease management, methamphetamine addiction recovery is certainly possible. Our methamphetamine addiction rehab center has many resources and tools for preventing relapse through our program for relapse prevention in Parma. We can even prescribe drugs that can reduce meth cravings so that sufferers can enjoy sobriety and meet their goal for methamphetamine addiction recovery.

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