Relapse Prevention in Parma, OH

There are some people who believe that substance addiction can be cured, but the medical community asserts that this disease can only be managed and that recovery can only be achieved with abstinence. Since there is no cure for addiction, relapse remains a threat to recovery, especially in that first recovery year when sufferers are still vulnerable to cravings and new to addiction management techniques. With relapse prevention in Parma, however, recovering individuals can find professional support to help them refrain from returning to drug or alcohol use.

Relapse prevention addiction treatment provides people in recovery with tools and resources that can help them successfully manage the various aspects of their disease and to keep their recovery journey on track.

What Is Relapse Prevention?

Relapse prevention in Parma includes treatments and therapies designed to help addiction sufferers stay sober. Maintaining sobriety can be difficult for people who still experience cravings or still struggle with managing the triggers in their lives that led to them to turn to drugs or alcohol in the first place.

Within drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs, recovering individuals will learn that relapse is actually a process that involves three stages. By learning how relapse works and how to identify these stages, sufferers can better stop relapse before it reaches its final stage.

What Are the Three Stages of Addiction Relapse?

Addiction specialists call the first stage of relapse the emotional phase. During this phase, an individual will experience negative or even destructive emotions like anger or fear. These emotions can be difficult to control, but with addiction relapse prevention, sufferers can learn how to cope with overwhelming emotions in healthful ways rather than turning to drugs or alcohol that may have formerly masked these emotions.

The second phase of addiction relapse is the mental phase. This is a pivotal phase because the sufferer moving into precarious waters here. During this phase, the individual may begin to think about using drugs or alcohol and may even visit places where addictive substances are readily available. In essence, the mental phase takes sufferers within close proximity to that final phase, which is physically taking drugs or alcohol again.

Our relapse prevention treatment programs in Parma equip sufferers with methods for warding off negative emotions and temptations that can derail the recovery process.

How Does Relapse Prevention in Parma Help?

Relapse prevention addiction treatment is often customized for individuals within the programs. People experience different circumstances and cope with emotions in different ways, but drug relapse prevention is designed so that recovering individuals can adapt coping strategies and management techniques to their situation. Some people may need more assistance practicing mindfulness.

Others may have a difficult time controlling negative emotions. These patients usually receive more help from our dual diagnosis in Parma. With addiction relapse prevention, individuals can develop their own personal strategies of warding off relapse under the guidance of trained therapists and addiction specialists.

Some relapse prevention programs rely on frameworks to help people stay sober. 12-step programs such as NA and AA feature substantial support systems that many addiction sufferers rely on when they feel tempted to use.

Some addiction sufferers rely heavily on family support during those initial recovery months and years, so family therapy for addiction can be a type of relapse prevention treatment program that works best for them. Relapse prevention in Parma is varied, so recovering addiction sufferers will have many options to choose from to obtain the help they need to achieve long-term recovery.

Aftercare Relapse Prevention Programs

For many addiction sufferers, intensive inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment isn't enough. These people may still feel vulnerable and still feel tempted to use drugs or alcohol. In such cases, participation in addiction aftercare is a must.

Aftercare addiction relapse prevention programs continue to provide recovering individuals with help managing their addiction. By attending aftercare programming, people may find the social connections they miss because they are no longer visiting former friends within those high-risk settings.

By attending a 12-step aftercare program, people in recovery can focus on completing goals, which is a healthful part of the recovery process. Others may discover that ongoing counseling is what is most helpful to them when it comes to coping with triggers and dealing with problematic emotions.

Relapse is part of some people's addiction story, but it doesn't have to be part of yours. By getting relapse prevention addiction treatment, you can get the professional support you need to refrain from drug and alcohol use. Moreover, after a stay at our drug or alcohol abuse rehab in Parma is over, your relapse prevention treatment is not as limiting as before.

You can continue with ongoing counseling or participation in AA or NA for as long as you like, even indefinitely as so many people do. With addiction relapse prevention, you can ensure that your sobriety is protected and that your recovery continues smoothly on its track. Call us today at (216) 416-7054 to get the help that you need.

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