Rehab Treatment Programs in Parma, OH

Rehab treatment programs in Parma are designed to address all the aspects of a person's addiction. They help the sufferer overcome their physical dependency on the substance and to manage their other dependencies through multi-type rehab treatment programs for addiction. If you are living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, rehab treatment programs can help.

The medical community views substance addiction as a disease that is chronic in nature and often progressive. People addicted to drugs or alcohol develop a physical dependency on these substances but also experience mental and behavioral dependencies on these drugs that can be just as powerful -- so powerful, in fact, that they are often the driving forces that motivate our programs for relapse prevention in Parma.

What Is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

There are many evidence-based drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs that help addiction sufferers along their path to recovery. Some individuals simply respond better to some treatments than others. Drug addiction and abuse treatment programs have evolved over decades and many are backed by strong medical evidence that they work.

Today's rehab treatment programs in Parma include popular addiction treatment paradigms like cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of treatment program is therapist based. Sessions revolve around the sufferer's outlook on life and their own behaviors. During the course of treatment, the addiction sufferer will examine how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors have contributed to their addiction problem. This mental approach is a large factor in our dual diagnosis in Parma. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a cornerstone in rehab treatment programs in Parma as it is elsewhere across the country.

Another popular cornerstone of drug addiction / abuse treatment programs is family therapy. During family therapy, the addiction sufferer's family members take part in treatment sessions. The therapist works with the family as a whole.

Although each member can provide healthful support for the sufferer, they may need to alter their behaviors and thought patterns in order to cope with the way addiction has affected their lives as well as the life of their loved one. Family therapy can be extremely beneficial and informative for families who are struggling with addiction in their midst.

What Type of Rehab Treatment Programs Are Right for Me?

Choosing between rehab treatment programs for addiction can be challenging, particularly for people who may really know what type of therapy is best for their condition and circumstances. This is where an addiction specialist can help.

Drug rehab treatment programs feature addiction specialists who can help guide sufferers to treatments that are ideal for them. While traditional rehab treatment programs like cognitive behavioral therapy and moral reconation therapy may be sound choices for some, other people may respond better to alternative rehab treatment programs like art therapy.

Alternative addiction treatment programs don't often have the scientific evidence that attests to their effectiveness, but experiential evidence suggests that their treatments are viable. Some of the treatments simply haven't been subject to large studies or are too new to have amassed scientific evidence.

Even so, treatments like art therapy, restoration yoga, and equine therapy are helping people manage their addiction and achieve their goals for sobriety. Understanding what your addiction treatment centers can help you make your decision.

Don't Forget about Aftercare

Whatever rehab treatment programs for addiction management you choose, it's important to continue to draw upon support for your condition even after intensive rehab treatment programs are complete. Aftercare programs like AA, NA, or ongoing counseling can help you avoid relapse and continue with your recovery journey with some support. Relapse is common among addiction sufferers, but people who spend time in aftercare programming for addiction can reduce their risk for relapse.

Some people also find that returning to their homes and former lives after completing rehab treatment programs in Parma is still fraught with temptation. In these cases, addiction specialists recommend that recovering individuals reside in a sober-living community where addictive substances are prohibited and where all residents are striving to recover from their addictions and lead sober lives.

It's important to remember that your recovery story is bound to be unique. You can take part in both traditional and alternative therapies or gravitate to one type or another. The key is that you enroll in rehab treatment programs and complete the programs.

Should you relapse, you should also remember that you are not alone and you should not give up. Relapse is a sign that your treatment journey is not over yet. With more treatment, you can get closer to meeting your recovery goal.

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