Alcohol Abuse in Parma, OH

Alcohol abuse is categorized as an alcohol use disorder. Alcohol abuse in Parma is associated with individuals who often drink excessively despite the negative consequences it has on their lives.

Their alcohol abuse may cause legal problems, financial problems, and relationship problems, yet they continue to abuse this highly addictive substance. In time, their alcohol use may lead to alcohol addiction, a chronic disease that is often progressive in nature. If you are suffering with alcohol abuse, an alcohol abuse rehab center is the best place for you to get help.

What Is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcoholism is usually exhibited by a pattern of excessive drinking that continues in spite of its negative consequences. Individuals who abuse alcohol may not necessarily drink every day as someone suffering from alcoholism might, but they tend to drink often and in large quantities.

One of the hallmarks of alcohol abuse is that the individual drinks so much that they black out, become sick, or display irrational and risky behaviors. Without a stay at an alcohol abuse treatment center, sufferers are at risk of developing alcoholism. If this behavior is familiar to someone you love, do not hesitate to plan a drug addiction intervention in Parma.

People suffering with alcohol abuse often drink excessive quantities even though they may black out or get sick with alcohol poisoning. People who experience alcohol abuse in Parma may minimize their problem since drinking alcohol, after all, is a socially acceptable practice.

Even so, if alcohol is affecting work or school, your health, or relationships, an alcohol abuse disorder is a problem that needs to be addressed. With alcohol abuse recovery, you'll be able to reclaim your life and learn to live without this addictive substance.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse?

People suffering from alcohol abuse in Parma tend to display similar signs and symptoms that illustrate this problem. Many people who abuse alcohol may seek out the company of other people who abuse alcohol or shy away from social situations that include friends or even family members.

Other symptoms include restlessness, depression, shifting moods, and an inability to control drinking. Some people may experience significant problems in their life such as job loss, reduced performance in school, relationship troubles, and other issues that stem from their drinking problems.

Alcohol abuse treatment helps sufferers end their pattern of alcohol abuse so they can safeguard their health and get their lives back together. If you are suffering from alcohol abuse in Parma, it's best to consult an addiction specialist so you can have your problem evaluated and obtain the alcohol abuse treatment you need.

Overview of the Dangers of Alcohol

People suffering from alcohol abuse in Parma are at risk from the effects of alcohol. First, there is the risk of alcohol poisoning; this can be life-threatening and can affect people who drink an excessive amount of alcohol in one sitting. Short-term dangers of alcohol include memory loss, blackout, and even temporary loss of consciousness.

Long-term effects of alcohol abuse include damage to organs like the liver and kidneys, decrease in brain mass, and ulcers. Abusing alcohol also puts someone at risk of developing an alcohol addiction. Because alcohol withdrawal symptoms are extremely dangerous, the medical staff at our center for drug detox in Parma offers 24/7 monitoring to ensure that the patient is both safe and comfortable.

Another danger of alcohol abuse is the impact it has on a person's decision making. When under the influence of alcohol, many people make risky decisions that can dramatically affect their lives--or someone else's. Drunk driving or engaging in unprotected sex can have serious consequences. With alcohol treatment programs in Parma, people can decrease their risks for health problems and ensure that alcohol does not take any further toll on their lives.

Why Should I Enter an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center?

If you drink excessively or if your drinking is affecting your life in any way, you should consider getting alcohol abuse treatment. Telling yourself that you don't have a significant problem even though you continue to drink or believing that you have control of your problem is something many alcohol abusers tell themselves. It's important that you don't put off treatment until your problem becomes even more serious as is, sadly, so often the case.

During alcohol abuse treatment, you will discover that your disorder requires serious management. Not only will you learn why you drink excessively, but you'll learn to manage your cravings for alcohol and how to avoid drinking. During alcohol abuse recovery, you can begin to repair the damage that alcohol has had on your life.

Alcohol doesn't have to poison your life. By entering an alcohol abuse rehab center, you can find the help you need to overcome alcohol's destructive influence on your life. Before your problem gets any worse, call us today at (216) 416-7054 so that we can help.

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